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How does copyright affect you as a student? In a few ways.

As a content creator, papers you write or videos you create for class are protected by copyright. Did you know that UAB's Copyright Policy applies to you even as a student?

As a content consumer, your use of copyrighted materials in class assignments (text excerpts, photos, sound or video clips, etc.) must comply with copyright law. Just because your use may be for an educational purpose does not necessarily mean you may use it without permission.

UAB Copyright Policy

Check it out and see what is says about students.

Creative Commons

Looking for photos or music to use in a project or on a web site without worrying about copyright? Take a look at Creative Commons. You can find a lot of content here that is prelicensed for certain types of uses.

Legal Media Downloads

Don't steal movies or music. Check out the Sterne Library's list of legal media downloads.  

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